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Business intelligence

For over two decades, organizations have been using Business Intelligence (BI) as a key tool in their decision-making, and without them they would have actually been operating in the dark. These systems are based on growing databases and sophisticated analytics tools that present their business reality Most organizations today can not imagine their decision-making ability without the business intelligence system that has expanded and improved over time.

Artificial intelligence

If you’re currently looking for technological change, artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot topic in enterprise information systems using sophisticated algorithms to find insights in the ever-increasing mountain of data we have never known.

Organizations invest a lot of effort in collecting a lot of data for their growing databases, while at the same time the ability to find new insights in them easily and quickly is also required. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play that will offer the ability to find additional insights from the data fast, and even provide an explanation for them. In this way, the organization will be able to gain insights that it itself did not know existed and take active steps.

Without the use of artificial intelligence tools you will need a team of researchers looking for new insights in the growing data mountain as he has difficulty seeing them. Compared to using a team of researchers, artificial intelligence tools will scan the vast amount of information in search of the same insights and offer them to an effective team that will implement those insights. An organization that does not intend to introduce these systems is welcome to check how long it will be irrelevant and its competitors will achieve it.

System integration

Business intelligence is actually a data infrastructure that reflects what is happening in the organization and artificial intelligence will look for new insights hidden in the data using algorithms. The combination of business intelligence and artificial intelligence will provide organizations with a comprehensive solution as the two systems complement and enrich each other.

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