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DataCube offers its customers solutions in the fields of business intelligence, artificial intelligence, cloud, infrastructure, and software development in a variety of ways:


Together we will build you a new career in a personal, professional and fast way and will accompany you in the years to come. We specialize in customizing quality and diverse BI and development roles. We focus on professional adjustment, success, home-work balance, income and your career path. We have a broad and in-depth acquaintance with a wide range of companies, jobs and positions that will allow us together to find the career you are looking for and enter it towards takeoff.


Our recruitment team specializes in spot-on head hunting based on job requirements and company needs. We believe that a company consists of a unique technological toolbox combined with the personal layers of its employees, a complex that is dynamic and varies from company to company. Therefore, we will invest our best efforts in finding a candidate who will fit the DNA of your company, both at the professional level and at the personal level. The process includes spot identification of a candidate who meets the job requirements, an in-depth personal and technological interview, accompaniment throughout the process until the moment the candidate signs the contract.


Since 2002, DataCube has accompanied companies in formulating the concept of business information while focusing on the business values ​​unique to each company. We specialize in strategic consulting processes as well as short and focused processes to improve work processes.


DataCube has rich experience in setting up BI systems that are among the largest and most complex in the Israeli market, as well as setting up dedicated models as part of existing BI systems.

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