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דרוש\ה Tableau Developer לחברת הייטק

חברת הייטק מגייסת Tableau Developer
אופציה לעבודה במרכז\צפון במודל היברידי.
Create/Manage Groups, sites, Workbooks and Projects, Database Views, data Sources and data Connections.
Design, develop, conducts complex Tableau reports for scalability, manageability, extensibility, performance, and re-use.
Provide appropriate training and support to business users on the use of Tableau interactive web reports, and Tableau Desktop.
Assist in development of workbooks and dashboards to support business initiatives.
Develop and document standards/best practices for development and administration of the Tableau platform.
Work closely with technical architects, data and software engineers to ensure optimal application and database/warehouse design to support reporting requirements.
Manage Tableau upgrades, back-ups, and restoration.
Must have excellent troubleshooting and communication skills
At Least 3 Years experience in tableau front end development, 5 years experience in any front end reporting dev.
Advanced knowledge and experience with Tableau software (Desktop Pro, Server), with a strong understanding of Tableau architecture and administration.
Experience as Tableau administrator, developing in, configuring and administering Tableau Server.
Strong development skills in Tableau and data analytics and visualizations
Strong Knowledge in BI tools including ETL, data Warehousing, other BI tools.
Experience in Tableau scripting (TABCMD and TABADMIN).
Ability to architect a stable Tableau solution guaranteed for high operational availability.
Experience working with diff DB.
Good knowledge of Tableau Metadata tables.
Experience with sql statements.

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